Zetlight Led Ufo - Wifi (Marine) ZE8600M

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The UFO LED lighting unit is the latest offering from Zetlight. The unique design incorporates a slimline, modern, attractive UFO shaped unit that is fully controllable via the Horizon Aqua WiFi interface by using the following devices: Smartphone, iOS, Apple or Android. Included is a fully adjustable mounting bracket that allows easy, hassle free placement of the lighting head. 

  • Full spectrum light provided by a total of 44 chips using Hybrid-z chip technology
  • Total power output: 55w
  • The UFO features a special blend of Cree LEDs in eleven colors that are grouped together in a tight LED cluster.
  • A condensed optical lens offers deeper light penetration while the quarts optical lens ensures improved UV transmsission
  • Luminance transfer technology ensures that all the light produced is focused into the aquarium with the same intensity at which it was produced with no loss of power.
  • A single unit is recommended for an aquarium of 60 x 60 x 60cm.
  • For larger aquariums more that one unit may be used as they may be synchronized
  • Minimum aquarium size: 30 x 30 x30cm. 
  • The lighting head and mounting bracket is fitted with titanium alloy fasteners. The entire unit is fully corrosive-resistant
  • Although the unit should never be submerged, it has an impressive IPX4 waterproof rating.

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