SAGA Solenoid

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SAGA Solenoid

Variable Magnetic Circuit,

High Efficiency

Operating Voltage : Full Range AC100V to 230V .
Can Be High Speed Drive 6000 cycle/Minute
while use DC150V.

No Vibration Noise Sound from current flow.
Media Air, Water, Oil inert gases
Operating method Direct acting
Model A2AD  2/2 way,   A3AD 3/2 way
Effective Sectional area mm2 (CV) 4.9 (0.27)
Pipe joint size 1/8"   /  1/4"
Viscosity 21c ST
Service pressure range
kgf/cm2 (psi)
0-20 (0-286)
Pressure resistance
kgf/cm2 (psi)
30 (429)
Service Temperature range
(atmosphere or fluid used)
-10 to 60ºC
Power consumption AC 110V: 10VA /10mS. (inrush)
0.25 VA (hold)
AC 220V: 40VA / 10mS. (inrush)
1VA (hold) 
Insulation F class
Rating 100%
Protection IP65
Cable Plug DIN 43 650 B, 0-250V
Body Material Brass / Stainless steel
Seal Material NBR, FPM
Weight (g) 170

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