JBL Manado Substrate 10L

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JBL Manado Substrate 10L

  • Optimal plant care through porous structure and nutrient storage function: substrate for freshwater aquariums
  • Vigorous plant growth, prevents algae: effective settlement of beneficial soil bacteria and ideal root growth thanks to natural pore structure. Support for the filter. Crystal-clear water
  • Ideal for fish, invertebrates and plants: no unwanted pollutants released into the water. Round-shaped granule grains are gentle on sensitive barbels of bottom-dwellers
  • High storage capacity: the natural substrate absorbs the surplus nutrients and releases them when required
  • Contents: substrate Manado. Available in various sizes

Successful plant care

The natural substrate activates the soil flora and is ideal for plant care. The nutrient buffer with battery effect (releases nutrients until it is depleted and can be reloaded through new fertilisation) is water-neutral and round-shaped.
Rinse briefly before use with lukewarm tap water to remove any abrasion caused in transit. Calculation formula
The right amount of substrate: length (cm) x width (cm) : 200 = litres substrate with 5 cm thickness

  • Content:10 l
  • Graining:0,5-2 mm
  • Volume packaging:13.400 l
  • Gross weight:6845.000 g
  • Net weight:6800 g
  • Weight factor:1000
  • Packaging dimensions (l/h/w):410/85/385 mm

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