DVH Reef Pearls 80g

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DVH Reef Pearls 80g

Reefpearls 5-200 µm (micron) are (zoo)plankton mimicking feeding pellets for SPS and LPS corals and other filterfeeders. They have a neutral buoyancy, high nutritional value and low levels of inorganic phosphates.

Reefpearls contain microencapsulated particles which are stable for 4-24 hours in the watercolumn and have a low leakage of nutrients, thus floating around for a long time and allowing a long feeding time for your animals. Reefpearls consists of a mixture of different pellet sizes, ranging from 5-200 µm (microns), that is mimicking the natural sizes of plankton. They can simply be dosed by using a automated fish feeder.

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