Claritec Pond One Filter W/UV Light 5000L/H

Sale priceR 4,604.00


  • The Claritec Pond One Filter is a high quality, durable, low pressure pond filter suitable for ponds of up to 5000L volume
  • This system is designed with a built-in 9 watt ultra violet sterilizing unit aimed at destroying parasitic, fungal and bacterial diseases whilst also targeting green free floating algae
  • Designed with a unique backwash feature to facilitate easy maintenance and cleaning of the filter sponges this will minimize the need to open the filter on a regular basis to perform maintenance
  • The filter is fitted with filter sponges of varying porosity for mechanical filtration while a container at the bottom contains biological media 
  • Due to the fact that it is a sealed unit, the filter unit does not require placement above the water surface and may be placed in virtually any position near the pond. 
  • Maximum flow rate should not exceed 7000 l/h 
  • The canister has a capacity of 21.5L
  • Please note: The unit does not include a pump. This will need to be purchased separately

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