Sobo Auto Mini Ac/Dc Air Pump Sb-4000

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  • The SOBO SB-4000 automatic Mini AC/DC air pump is a double outlet, powerful, compact unit that is perfect for constant use or in times when an emergency air supply is required.
  • The SB-4000 is charged and operated by utilizing a USB plug and cable which may be plugged directly into the 220V supply or, to extend the operating time, via a battery power bank
  • The system is controlled by a single red button / switch
  • With the pump plugged into the 220V AC supply, the red LED indicator light will glow and the pump will operate. If the 220V supply fails, the pump will continue operating with the green light glowing.
  • Should it not be necessary for the pump to operate full time then the red button must be pressed to put the pump into standby / off mode. The red light will flash and the pump will not produce any air flow. Should the AC supply fail, the pump will start operating automatically while displaying the green light.
  • The pump should be charged whilst in the standby / off mode for 8-10 hours prior to initial usage
  • The battery will never fully discharge as it will automatically recharge itself whether operating or in standby / off mode. Please note: the recharging period will be greatly reduced if only charged in standby / off mode
  • The pump creates a powerful air output of 2 x 3 l/min whilst utilizing only 2.8w of power
  •  The pump will operate for up to 12 hours from fully charged once the AC supply has failed. 
  • The unit operates in a voltage range of 220V-240V at 50Hz/60Hz

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