Aquaforest Carbon 1000ml

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AF Carbon 1000ml

Aquaforest Carbon Boost is an easily-absorbable liquid carbon supplement for aquatic plants. It can be used as an everyday fertilizer to yeild healthy, attrative plants. Due to pH stabilizing capabilities, AF Carbon Boost is extremely helpful in combating algae. Specifically recommended for heavily planted aquariums.
  • High quality activated granular carbon.
  • Immediately removes impurities
  • Coloring substances and other accumulated compounds
  • It significantly improves water quality 
  • It removes medication residues
  • perfect for ultra low nutrient systems (ULNS) aquariums or aquariums heavily stocked with SPS corals.


100ml per 100l of aquarium water

The product can be used both in the fluidized filter and in the filter mesh. We recommend rinsing it with RODI water before using carbon. The recommended water flow is 500l/h. We recommend replacing Carbon every 4 weeks.

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