Masterclass - Cycling a tank
Cycling your new aquarium is the most important step to take in having a successful go at this hobby.
Let’s break it down to palatable quantities:
- Making sure you have an adequate form of filtration is key because if your water is not being tuned over enough or too much, there will not be enough time for the water to pass through what it needs to in order to filter it.
- Ensuring you have enough biological filtration for your water volume as well as the amount of fish you are planning on keeping in your aquarium.
- Having a good bacterial source to start your cycle.
- Keeping a constant temperature during your cycle because bacteria tends to thrive in environments with stable temperatures and prefer a temperature range of between 24 to 26 degree Celsius.
With that being said, bacteria is the most important organism in any aquarium because without it, tanks would be inhospitable. Bacteria breaks down organic waste into a non toxic form which can be exported by either a protein skimmer (marine) or water changes (marine and freshwater).
A good, 2 week cycle for freshwater tanks and a 4 week cycle for marine tanks is more than enough time to establish a good bacterial colony, ready to house your first additions into your aquarium.
Patience is key if you want to build a firm foundation a good cycle does give you a good footing going into the hobby, limiting livestock loss and ensuring your tank does what it needs to, to cope with whatever life throws at it.
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